(Canadian Première)

Laena Anderson (Coraline) and Kayla Gorman (Other Mother)

Laena Anderson (Coraline) and Kayla Gorman (Other Mother)

**Winner: Artists Choice Award (2013 Edmonton International Fringe Festival)**

Featuring: Laena Anderson (Coraline), Kayla Gorman (Other Mother), Oscar Derkx (Mr. Bobo/Other Mr. Bobo/Tall Girl), Graham Mothersill (Cat), Rebecca Merkley (Miss Spink/Other Miss Spink/Mother), Adam Sanders (Miss Forcible/Other Miss Forcible/Winged Girl/Father), Darcy Robinson (Other Father/Little Boy) and Jeff Black on keys.

“Coraline The Musical is based on a children’s novella by writer Neil Gaiman. In 2009, his tale was turned into an off-Broadway musical — complete with Stephin Merritt’s off-kilter piano tunes. Leave it to an Edmonton theatre company, Impossible Mongoose Productions, to stage the Canadian première at the Fringe, and pull it off with the same confidence, wisdom and sense of childish wonderment possessed by our tiny protagonist[…]The actors are impeccable, taking on a multitude of roles, floating on and off a stage crammed with chairs, boxes and pianos of all sizes. (Kudos, also, to Jeff Black, credited as the ‘Piano Orchestra.’ He seems to be playing a different set of keys every 30 seconds or so.) Laena Anderson, a MacEwan University grad, eerily looks and sounds like a wide-eyed little girl who must outsmart the Other Mother to win the freedom of her own parents. Graham Mothersill is sublime as an all-knowing cat while Kayla Gorman is delightfully evil as the Other Mother, also known as the Beldam. As she sings what might be her final number, she hits a few haunting notes that will cover you in goosebumps. Spellbinding.”

—4.5 Stars, Sandra Sperounes, Edmonton Journal

“Enter the whimsically weird world of Coraline. A clever girl with a passion for exploring, Coraline uncovers a door to another world where things are not quite as they seem, forcing her to put her bravery to the test with help from a charmingly creepy cast of cohorts. Based on the Neil Gaiman novella, the Canadian premiere of Coraline the Musical makes inventive use of a curious found-object set, transforming the drab Rutherford School gymnasium into a wondrous, at times slightly scary imaginarium. The piano orchestra—a mish-mash of pianos of all shapes, sizes and tunings—provides eccentric accompaniment for cleverly performed songs[…] Impossible Mongoose Productions will keep you entranced the whole way through.”

—4 Stars, Megan Dart, Vue Weekly



(Canadian Première)

From L-R (Naythan Berteotti, Kayla Gorman, Corben Kushneryk, Rebecca Merkley and Chris Scott)

From L-R (Naythan Berteotti, Kayla Gorman, Corben Kushneryk, Rebecca Merkley and Chris Scott)

Featuring: Naythan Berteotti, Rebecca Merkley, Chris Scott, Kayla Gorman and Corben Kushneryk.

Impossible Mongoose Productions present 35 MM, a multimedia exhibition where photography inspires music & lyrics, while the songs inversely inspire the photographs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… but is it worthy of a song?

Feature Article by RSO:

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